Veintiuno Print


"Veintiuno" Print is our most exclusive and limited edition series composed by 50 impressions.

These prints are a giclee impression of the original collaborative art piece by artists Sen2 Figueroa, Don Rimx, and Carlos Alexis "Skills" Rivera, by the same name. It's original piece forms part of a collective exhibition titled, "Triptípico" where the artists depicted what reminded them of home, the culture and their daily lives on the island while growing up. 

"Veintiuno" depicts Roberto Clemente's portrait in a unique and colorful way. Honoring this special human was an important task for the artists. They combined their unique styles from Don Rimx's known brick and wood elements, Sandro's street pop art techniques to Carlos' amazing realism; all blending together in perfect harmony.  

Print details: 

Size:  18" x 24"                                                                                                       

Paper: Gicleé print | 100% rag | 300 gm | 100% acid free                               

Shipping details: all prints are shipped rolled in a mailing tube       

*Does not include frame work